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" of the shrewdest to come along in a long time." 

Constantine Gratsos,  President Onassis Group

"Please besiege us with deals."

Jon Moulton
Managing Partner, Alchemy Partners, London
(BVCA Hall of Fame, Best Equity Provider 2001)

" entrepreneur of classic American design..."

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Britain Negotiated with Bank of England owned assets for equity participation and various financial transactions.

$ 23,427,000.00

Chile Negotiated joint ventures with CitiCorp and Government to finance and mine for Gold in Chile. $ 101,517,000.00
Indonesia Negotiated contracts and joint ventures for oil exploration in Indonesia. $780,900,000.00
Israel Negotiated joint ventures with the Government to finance and search for hydrocarbons in Israel. $92,886,000.00
Japan Negotiated joint venture and various transactions to explore and finance search for hydrocarbons in Gulf of Mexico. $ 93,708,000.00
Kuwait Negotiated many various financial transactions with Kuwait (KIO) including PLC (Public Company) total restructuring. $1,035,000,000.00
Mexico Negotiated joint venture to finance and sell petroleum products to and for Mexico. $171,250,000.00
Netherlands Negotiated with government owned bank for initial Stock Exchange / Bourse listing. $94,392,000.00
Peru Negotiated joint venture to explore and finance the search for oil in Peru. $163,989,000.00
Philippines Negotiated joint venture for Government with major oil company to finance and explore for oil in Haiti. $132,753,000.00
USA Negotiated with the DFSC for financing, refining and distribution of petroleum products to the US government. $78,660,000.00
The Vatican
Negotiated joint venture for project financing with Vatican Bank. $374,832,000.00
Yemen Negotiated with government joint venture to finance and explore for hydrocarbons in Yemen. $15,732,000.00
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"I am delighted to see what you are doing… I think it is… exciting..."

John B. Connally
Former Governor of Texas, U.S. Secretary of Treasury,U.S. Presidential Candidate

"His energy is combustible, his manner kinetic... with the intensity of a matador entering a bullring..."

Al Martinez
Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles, CA

"A prominent and much respected businessman and entrepreneur in many successful companies...won awards reflecting his business acumen."

Financial Times

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