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" of the shrewdest to come along in a long time." 

Constantine Gratsos,  President Onassis Group

"Please besiege us with deals."

Jon Moulton
Managing Partner, Alchemy Partners, London
(BVCA Hall of Fame, Best Equity Provider 2001)

" entrepreneur of classic American design..."

Financial Times

Bruce P. Whipple, BSME

Senior Principal

Entrepreneur & Executive:

Senior Principal at the Guthrie Group where he acted as advisor to various companies in many different industries. Former acting CEO of Annicott Worldwide Enterprises, Inc.; General Manager of FiroResources, Inc.; Founder, CEO of Property Tax Consultants, Inc.; Co-Founder, Vice President of Audit Cost International, Ltd.; Director - Automotive Sales of The Torrington Company.


Led turnaround workout efforts of Annicott Worldwide Enterprises, Inc and FiroResources, Inc. Founded Property Tax Consultants, Inc. and co-founded Audit Cost International, Ltd.; firms which represented Fortune 500 companies on a national basis, in the areas of school and property taxes, telecommunication and utility billings reductions. Clients included AT&T, DuPont, General Motors Pension Fund, IBM, International Paper, Jack Frost Sugar, JWP, Key Corp., Kodak, Kraft General Foods, Lexmark, Lifetime TV, MetLife, Reader's Digest, Schlumberger and Toyota. At The Torrington Company had responsibility for sales of more than $250 million and implementation of new programs with sales of over $100 million.


Experience at senior levels in operational and sales management. Turnaround and workout management experience including protection under bankruptcy. Extensive experience negotiating with and conducting business with Fortune 500 companies.

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Bruce Whipple

"I am delighted to see what you are doing… I think it is… exciting..."

John B. Connally
Former Governor of Texas, U.S. Secretary of Treasury,U.S. Presidential Candidate

"His energy is combustible, his manner kinetic... with the intensity of a matador entering a bullring..."

Al Martinez
Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles, CA

"A prominent and much respected businessman and entrepreneur in many successful companies...won awards reflecting his business acumen."

Financial Times

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